Live improviation at Casa mãe. 08.05.2013.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches, Pedro Baptista and Ernesto Soares - Modular me


Live performance at Casa mãe. 18.04.2013.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches, Ernesto Soares and Pedro Baptista - It's with a

profound bitterness...


From the live performance "Spectrum" at the Lisbon

Fine Art university (FBAUL), 15.11.2012. A sound

performance from Augusto Sampaio Sanches and Pedro

Baptista, using two Walkmans and two Timex

Zx Spectrum game tapes to create music.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches and Pedro Baptista - Spectrum


From the Tone Scientists albúm "One listens". Music,

live mixing, captation production and masterization

from the live performance  at the Quadrum gallery,

Lisbon. 2011.

Rui Toscano, Rui Valério, Fernando Fadigas, João Paulo Feliciano, Rui Gato,

André Pinto and Augusto Sanches


From Catherine Morriseau. Live Captation,  production

and masterization. 2009.


From No Data albúm "Carrocel do mundo". Music, lyrics

and co - production, except "Sigo em frente" - Lyrics

by Carlos Maria Trindade and Music by Carlos Maria

Trindade and Augusto Sampaio Sanches and "Hardfacts"

- Electric Piano by Carlos Maria Trindade. I play,



Music, Lyrics and Video clip direction. (Portuguese

guitar by João Lima and Bass guitar by Gustavo Roriz).

No Data - Lixo.


from the Pilar albúm "Põe um bocadinho" + alto.

Orchestration and co - production. Zona música 2003.

Pilar - Grafitti


From An Angel Moves Too Fast to See. Rhys Chatham

selected works 1971/1989. Guitar, guest musician.

Table of the Elements, 2002.


From Different tastes of honey. The remix album from

the Tosca track "Honey" - Bridgechild inside the

Shelter AV collective. Music and Co production.

G Stone, 2002

Honey (Shelter Ave Dub By Shelter Av.) by Tosca on Grooveshark


From the Pilar albúm "Não quero saber". Orchestration,

remix,  co - Production. Zona música, 2001.


From the Pilar Albúm "Não quero saber". Music,

Orchestration and co - production. Zona música, 2001.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches - Suddenly


From "Minha cara sem fronteiras". Music and Co - pro

duction. EMI, 2000.


From "Stucker (one take no treatments)". Production

and masterization. Ananana, 1999.

Discmen - Fore play people


From "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZP!". Production and masterization.

Ananana, 1998.

ZZZZZZZZZZZP! - Illogical progression



Music and co - production. Casa mãe 1994.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches and Rui Valério - Playing guitar with Sun Ra.