Piece composed for Rui Tocano's Audio Sculpture "Bricks

are heavy", exhibited at Culturgest, Lisbon. Feb. 2013.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches - High sensation seeker



Piece composed for Rodrigo Oliveira exhibition at

Pacio da Presidência da República taken from the

introduction of specialized exotic and rare tracks

vinyl session conceived for Taborda's teather café in

Lisbon. Lisbon, Presidência da República, 2008.

Production and masterization.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches - Avril au Portugal (44 versions).



"Realce" a short cut movie - Portugal, 2006, FIC,

35mm, Colour, 12'. Director: João Carrilho. Circumstance




Sound installation for   " A forest of hands" - Artur

Amaro's Exhibition at the Guarda's cultural centre,

2005. Music and production.



From "Orgasmus im kino" - Germany, 2004, video,

colour, 17'15''. Director: Stephan Schmitt. Music

and production.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches - Orgasmus im kino



From "Um olhar Português" - Audio documentary for the

Stanislas Kalimerov photo istallation at Convento dos

Inglesinhos, Lisbon, 1996. Music, Music direction,

documentation and co - production. This example is a

piece composed with a "colage" of several Portuguese

classic composers.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches - Lusitânia (excerpt)




From "Coração de papel" - Portugal, 1994, FIC, 35mm,

Colour, 22'. Director: Pedro Madeira (Final movie of

the Cinema School degree). Music and production.

Augusto Sampaio Sanches - Coração de papel (excerpt) 


Augusto Sampaio Sanches - After


Augusto Sampaio Sanches - Long summer road (excerpt) 


Augusto Sampaio Sanches - At the same time (excerpt)



"O auto do bem aventurado Santo Amaro de Alcântra" -

Theater play directed by Paulo Lucena at Santo Amaro

Chapel, Lisboa, 1990. Music and playing live.



Release of the Art and comics fanzine "Facada Mortal"

at A livraria, Lisboa, 1988. Concert and performance

with The band Ale ope and the Plastic artist João

Fonte Santa.



Release of the underground comics fanzine "Joe Indio"

at Ourto lado, Lisboa 1988. Performance with Plastic

artist João Fonte Santa.